Design model

Our design department consists of two main areas of work: Design according to customer’s concept drawings; Design according to the drawing.

After receiving data, we build 3D drawings according to customer requirements. In order for the product to follow the designer’s idea, we set up a dedicated team responsible for connecting and meeting customers ‘requirements, thereby receiving customers’ trust.

Before designing a mold for a product for mass production, a prototype must first be produced to test the aesthetic and technical factors. This stage is essential for household electrical products, medical equipment, communications, cars, game machines …

Mold design is also made easier by learning and checking raw images, simple shapes, and real-life equivalents. These products can also be used as pictures in catalogs, in exhibitions.

The materials used are also very diverse, we can propose options with materials such as synthetic wood materials, plastic materials, copper metals, aluminum …

From raw production to surface treatment by painting and printing, all above operations are done by very enthusiastic, dedicated and skilled staff.

In the production of samples, the largest use of gray matter is the finishing process. In particular, the finishing painting process depends on different techniques to give different results. In addition, the problem before painting is to mix colors, this is a job that requires a skilled worker to mix the proportion of colors so that it can accurately reproduce the color. customer request.

In our company, since its establishment, the paint department has been able to meet many requests from customers and every day strives to improve the technique of each individual in the department.

So come and experience our spirit and technique.

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